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Our developer challenge runs in parallel to the main Repository Fringe event. The first signs of hacking appear this morning in the foyer area. Armed with a few sweets to break the ice but also to provide some extra energy for coding, I went to meet some of the participants and encouraged all potential hackers to take part in the challenge.

We have a few interesting ideas brewing that fit well with our preservation theme. One of them from the Picture Liberation Team lead by Peter Murray-Rust, helped by Richard Wincewicz and Cesare Bellini on the developer side, is looking at ways to add open access license in the picture itself rather than in the metadate which can easily be stripped and separated from the data. Peter wrote a post about this on his blog: Making images Open can and should be routine.

In  a similar frame of mind, Chris Gutteridge has been working on a ePrints plug-in that would add copyright and license in images.

Andrew Dorward & Pablo de Castro have an idea around the concept of the registry of data repositories but are looking for developers to discuss and develop their concept. It is not too late to take part and we do accept well presented ideas as well as prototype. The prizes are great and all that is required is a short presentation. Get in touch with Andrew or Pablo if you can help them with tuning the technical side of their idea.

A few more developers  are busy working on  hacks but are still too shy to give me more details yet. Richard, Russell, Patrick, Ian, I’m looking forward to see what ideas you will have been working on!

Presenting and attending parallel sessions is obvioulsy putting pressure on our potential participants and  I have caught a few of them writting up their Pecha Kutcha instead of hacking! More distraction awaits tonight with the Fringe in such close proximity!!

Remember that you can summit your entry remotly even if you couldn’t  make the meeting in Edinburgh, all the details are in the Developer Challenge section. Just let me know of your entry before 10.00 tomorrow.

The presentations to the judges will start at 10.30 with the winners show & tell scheduled for 14.30. Looking forward to it already!


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